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Wholesale Tobacco Application

Wholesale Pricing

The TED Tobacco website and on-line store contains wholesale pricing extended only to those retailers licensed to resell tobacco and tobacco products. TED will grant access to wholesale pricing only to those customers who provide the following information and agree to the terms herein and in the TED Terms of Use and Financial Policy.

Customer Information

Bank Information


* Required Fields


Customer login credentials will be sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of on-line registration. TED is not responsible for the security of the customer’s e-mail provider, system, mailbox, or login credentials, and will consider all orders submitted via these credentials legitimate, valid, and binding. Customers will be held responsible for orders submitted via these credentials, and billed accordingly.

Tax Exemption Status

You agree that the company and its authorized representatives are legally permitted under state and/or federal statutes to purchase products from TED on a Sales Tax exempt basis, based on the Tax ID information provided herein.

Tobacco License

You agree that the company and its authorized representatives are licensed and permitted under state and/or federal statutes to purchase tobacco products, based on the license information provided herein.

Debit Authorization

Youauthorize TED to make debit entries to the bank account(s) listed herein, in accordance with the terms described herein, as well as applicable state and federal laws.

Changes to Information Provided

You agree to notify TED in writing of any changes in banking information, and will allow 14 days for TED to make the necessary changes to EFT setup.

Term of Agreement

You agree that the authority granted herein shall remain in effect until TED has received written notification from the customer of its termination,and in such reasonable time and manner as to afford TED the opportunity to act on it.


You agree that TED is not responsible for the customer’s loss of funds or revenue resulting from accidental or deliberate errors submitted on this application.

Consent and Understanding

You agree that you have read and understand the terms and conditions described herein, and hereby consent to their immediate employment and execution.


You agree that the information provided is accurate and complete, that you are authorized to make financial decisions for the represented company, and that youauthorize TED to extend credit according to the terms described herein.

You agree to pay for the costs incurred by TED in the collection process resulting from unpaid or delinquent payments on the part of the represented company, including legal fees, as governed by state and federal codes.

You further agree to allow TED and its representatives to make credit inquiries to the references provided and to credit agencies, and to obtain credit reports as may be deemed appropriate and necessary to obtain credit histories and to make credit decisions for the represented company.

Electronic Signature

By clicking the "Submit" button, you are signing this Agreement electronically. You agree that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement. By clicking "Submit" you consent to be legally bound by this Agreement's terms and conditions, as well as the TED website terms of use and the complete terms and conditions of the TEDElectronic Communications Consent policy.