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If you are looking to add extra flavor to your pipe tobacco custom mixes, Criss Cross pipe tobacco gives you a variety of flavors to choose. With light aromas and a pleasant aftertaste, Criss Cross pipe tobacco is easy to smoke and affordable to keep in supply.

Mix a hint of vanilla to your RYO cigarettes or signature blends to add smooth and subtle sweetness to your smoke. Criss Cross's Black Cherry mixes cigar and cigarillo elements together to create a RYO that is flavorful without overwhelming the blend. Criss Cross's Menthol creates a minty smoke with a slight icy bite to relax and cool off with. For a more relaxed base, start with Smooth Criss Cross pipe tobacco and add in other flavors or mixes. To make a more potent mixture with a traditional taste, add in Criss Cross Original.

Experiment with new tobacco blends for your pipe or RYO cigarettes. Shop the full tobacco store online to find all the tobacco and accessories you need to get started or resupply.

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