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Cherokee pipe tobacco is a favored blend among RYO cigarette smokers and pipe smokers alike. For seasoned smokers who prefer medium and strong tobacco, Cherokee delivers. TED Tobacco carries all of Cherokee's signature flavors in varying sizes so you can get the perfect smoke with the perfect quantity.

Cherokee mixes Green River and Black Cavendish tobaccos to create a bold, smooth taste with a powerful punch. With many different flavors and strengths to choose from, you can select the ideal blend for your pipe or cigarettes, from light and airy mixes like Mellow and Custom Ultra Light, more potent blends like Custom Turkish Bold and Full Flavor, or cool and minty Menthol. Cherokee tobacco provides plenty of flavor to take your original mix up a notch and top off a laid-back blend, with a light texture that is easy to burn or roll up neat.

Order a 5-pound custom bag to keep your tobacco stores fully stocked or order a smaller, 8 ounce bag to give any flavor a try.

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